Zombie Apocalypse

A little while ago my sister, Jessica, and I, along with a bunch of our friends, staged a Zombie Apocalypse at my house and in my street. I did the makeup for our ten zombie folk with the help of my brill MUA friend, Taryn Smith. You might have seen a couple of the photos taken of the day in my SPFX portfolio, but I thought I’d share a whole bunch of the shots from the day in this here post.

They tell the story of a bunch of Zombies invading suburbia and terrorising children. What’s not to love?

My bestest undead mate, Roxy. She's hot, no?

I had to think about how each of the zombies died, so I decided poor Rox had her throat slit by a jilted ex-lover.

Just looking to suck some brains, nothing to see here...
Three of my creations eating one of Taryn's
Our other beautiful sister, Jewels
What's a Zombie Apocalypse without a Michael Jackson's Thriller re-enactment?
Poor frightened child...

More frightened children in the second half of this clip. These children were actually unsuspectingly chased down my street. Hilarious, we are! Clearly I’m not afraid my neighbours will come at me with pitch forks and torches for terrorising their children with my monster creations. The beginning of the clip shows you how I did the makeup. Footage by Bruce Levick of Twendy TV. Enjoy!

To create our zombies, we used Latona’s liquid latex, Kryolan monster wheel grease paint, Kryolan scab blood, and we made our own fresh blood using a simple combination of Home Brand chocolate topping and red food dye. Shazam!

Some behind-the-scenes shots by Bruce Levick:

Nick mid-makeup application. Yep, I made him put the headband on. It made me happy
Jessica wanted to be in on the act as well. Here she's being made up by the lovely Taryn
My mum's friend, Michelle, looks so cute in this pic! Artistry by Taryn
My little Man Cub being terrorised by Zombie Nick
Man Cub defending himself with his Spiderman powers
My friend, Adam, wearing a headband mid-makeup app. I'm so mean! You may recognise Adam from Totally Wild and other Network Ten shows. A little while after this, I was lucky enough to be hired by Network Ten to make Adam up like a zombie for the Friday night Metro Whip-Around on The 7pm Project

If you would like to see some more pics and read more about our Zombie Apocalypse, check out my sister’s highly entertaining blog. Thanks to Jessica for coming up with the awesome idea and organising the day, not to mention taking the brilliant photos.

A HUGE thank you to our brilliant zombie mates, Nick Bell, Bruce Levick, Roxy Karas, Jeremy Morgan, Chloe Evans, Teena Townsend, Jewels Townsend, Adam Cox, Jan and Michelle. Also a massive thanks to Taryn Smith, who helped me create our stunning zombies on the day.

Thanks to Adam for taking some footage on the day. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have no doubt it is amazeballs.

And finally, thank you Bruce for taking footage, photos and timelapse of the makeup process. Bruce also filmed an episode of The Geek That Was, featuring Jessica, Jeremy and Nick in my backyard on the day. You can view it here.

So, tell me, with Halloween just around the corner, are you planning an evening of ghosts and ghouls?

Author: Sally T