Just Juice

My brilliant detox plan didn’t turn out to be quite as easy as I thought it might have. Let’s just say, yes, that confidence I had certainly did subside. I’m still unsure if I would do this cleanse again, as I’m now fairly equally for and against it.

Time for some pros and cons:


1. My skin does in fact look and feel amazing. As that was at the top of my wish list for detox results, I would say I’m a satisfied customer in that respect

2. My tummy flattened… but, a tummy bug would have the same effect

3. I didn’t feel hungry, and being able to have some miso soup kept me going. The unexpected rainy, cold weather played havoc with my detox, because all I really wanted was a nice hot curry, but I certainly wasn’t keeling over from tummy-eating-itself-ness.

4. Along with my 18 juices, Urban Remedy sent along a cooler bag, a couple of cold packs and plenty of straws to make my detox mobile. This certainly made life easy for the three days. And not having to think about food was great. I didn’t even have to clean up my kitchen the whole time!

5. I received daily emails with tips and encouragement during my cleanse, and also some helpful hints leading up to the delivery of my juices. I have to say that Urban Remedy definitely do all they can to aide you in your cleanse.

6. I now feel that if I can consume only juice for three whole days, then I can definitely be more strict on myself all round. From now on I am cutting out caffeine and dairy, and cutting down on refined sugars and red meat. I’m also going to be much more mindful about my water intake, which is so important for digestion.


1. While I didn’t feel hungry, I was so very sick of drinking juice by midway through Day Two. That night I would have preferred to starve than drink yet another juice!

2. The juices were not what one would call delish. Quite the opposite – most were nothing short of foul.

3. Headache city! I felt sick and irritable – especially on Day Two. I found it interesting that they say this is because of caffeine withdrawals… but I had given up coffee, refined sugars, dairy and red meat for the entire week leading up to the Urban Remedy Cleanse in preparation…. But then again the girls at Urban Remedy do say that it’s because the toxins give you just as much grief going out of your body as when they go in. Ew, I know.

4. $195.00 plus $10.00 for delivery… in hindsight, this is not wonderfully good value for juice. Having said that, I would have spent at least that on food and entertainment for the weekend anyway. While I didn’t get the enjoyment I would have going to the movies and eating popcorn, I could be satisfied in the knowledge that I was meeting a challenge and doing something that hopefully had some kind of positive effect on my body.

5. Now this may be one of the biggest factors as to why I didn’t enjoy my time on the detox… I accidentally ordered a Level 2 detox. As a fairly inexperienced detoxer*, I really should have ordered the less intense Level 1! Whoops, my bad. Just for your own reference, if you decide to do the cleanse, you need to select a level of intensity, with Level 1 being for beginners, Level 2 is for those who follow a strict diet and may have cleansed before, and Level 3 is for the positively saintly. The levels vary in amounts of protein and natural sugars in the juices. Then you must choose the length of your cleanse – one, three or six days.

All in all, I think if you are up for the challenge, it can’t hurt to try (except for those blasted headaches). It definitely has a cleansing effect, but don’t do it on a week where you have important things to do, because you will be suffering headaches, lethargy and a general vagueness of the likes of the blondest of blondes (there was an incident with a powder I was searching for at one of my makeup jobs on the weekend… searching, searching, turned out to be in my hand… uh-huh.) On the other hand, you should have something to do, so you don’ t just sit around the house going crazy thinking about steak. I think I only succeeded in completing my cleanse because I was very busy doing wedding makeup all weekend.

Let me know if you decide to do the cleanse. I’d love to hear about your Urban Remedy Cleanse or other detox experience!

*You should know by now that I make up words. What of it?

Author: Sally T