Universal Truth: Cucumbers = Goodness

You will come to realise, if you continue to read my blog (please continue to read my blog!), that if there is something in my fridge I can use as a beauty treatment, I’m going to try it.

I am an eco-warrior for one thing; so many products out there have ingredients in them that are very bad to wash down our drains. (Think Nemo – all drains lead to the ocean!) Which leads me to my next point – if you wouldn’t want to wash a product down the drain and hurt the clown fish, why in the name of natural minerals would you want to put it on your face?!

This is all bringing me back to cucumbers. You know how in movies they always have that scene where the lady is chillaxing in a bath, pink towel on head, green mask on face and – without fail – cucumbers on the eyes. I don’t know about you, but I usually paint my nails or check my emails or make tomorrow’s lunch or do just about anything that will see me through the five to ten it takes for my mask to set. I have never, not once, done the cucumber thing with my mask.

Until today.

Flickr creative commons - user Soda O

I spent a relaxing 15 minutes in cucumber slice heaven (okay, I’m hyping it, but roll with me), and it’s not untrue – they really do reduce eye puffiness and dark circles! Then I did some research and here are some other things cucumbers do:

1. Reduce greasiness in skin (I did notice this on my eyelids, which are often the greasiest part of your face)

2. Cool your skin

3. Reduce appearance of pores

4. Prevent water retention

So go ahead, whack some slices on your peepers and, while you’re at it, try this swell cucumber/avocado mask. It was recommended by a trusted friend, who knows about stuff n’stuff. Hmm… Let’s come up with a better name for it…

Coochie-cuchie Avo-smoochie mask
(I just vomited in my mouth a little bit)

You will need:

½ small cucumber, or ¼ of one of those big continental ones from woollies

½ avocado

1 egg white

Directions: Chop and blend all ingredients in a blender. Pop in the fridge for a spell (30 mins to an hour). Apply to face, avoiding eye area (leave room for your cucumber slices!) and nostrils (for breathing and stuff). Rinse off with cool water to retain that lovely fresh cucumbery feeling.

My face felt super smooth, free from oil and my pores were definitely smaller. Woo hoo! Cheap face mask that works!

Try it and let me know how you go with it!

Author: Sally T