The Old School Days: SPFX Makeup

Yesterday’s Inspiration Thursday got me thinking about some of the weird and wonderful creations we came up with at makeup college. Below are some of my favourite faces, as done on me by my fellow students and friends. You can view some of my creations on other people here.

The Corpse Bride! This makeup made us laugh non-stop because I looked so incredibly sad and worried. Poor me! The one responsible for my heartache face is the brilliant Stella Perkins
I freakin' LOVE this makeup! One of my friends even commented that she would love me heaps more if I always looked like this... I didn't know how to take that... But then I thought, "You know what? Me too!" The fabulous MUA who made me a more lovable version of myself is Stephanie Cusack
I got all granny up in yo grill, thanks to one helluva MUA, Taryn Smith, and I've never looked sexier...
"My name is Luca. I live on the second floor" - another lovely look by Stephanie Cusack. It's not really makeup... she's SO mean!
We had a stack of fun at makeup college. This is me and my lovely friend, Jaclyn Stols. We did these strange half-face creations on each other for a bit of practice - oh how I miss the old school days!

Author: Sally T