She wore it: Leenaa’s loves.

Leenaa Mooney is a waitress, nanny and hair model from Brisbane. She loves vintage and black and anything cheap. Her style is effortless and sweet with an edge. Somehow she manages to pull off a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth vibe, while simultaneously giving the impression she’s actually a wee superhero villain, who might open a can of whoop ass  if you mess with her… Now that’s talent.

I am most passionate about my acting career and being a nanny to some wonderful boys.

Dress: Elise Boutique, Sydney

Shoes: Zu –

Jacket: borrowed from Leenaa’s friend, Caitlyn

Tights: David Jones

Sunglasses: best bargain @ $10.00 from Cotton On

Is Leenaa’s hair not to die for? Let’s say TD4, just so we can feel all tween about it (lolz). As a model for Toni and Guy, Leenaa’s locks are kept in tip-top condition with regular trims and treatments. To get Leenaa’s uber-impressive, “I just rolled out of bed like this – wha-?” relaxed wave, go for an oldie, but a goodie – apply some shine serum on mid-lengths to ends and loosely plait it in two the night before.  Pin it up on either side of your head, rather than putting it in hair ties (the band crimp is a dead giveaway). Then in the morning, get some volume back in the roots by applying a volumising product to the roots and blowdrying upside down. For best results, hang about upside down for thirty seconds after you turn off the dryer, or until your hair cools. While you’re down there, do some hamstring stretches to pass the time – that’s what I do!

Photos by Damien Woods Photography

Author: Sally T