Seriously. Dig deeper – try the back of the wardrobe

What is that American thing about not wearing white after Labour Day? More importantly – who cares? I know I don’t. I’ll tell you what I do care about, though – wearing white to someone else’s wedding. I’m sorry, when did this become okay? It seems to be happening more and more frequently, and it’s got my goat. It’s got it good and proper. It is actually choking on my goat and coughing up hair balls,  that’s how much it’s got it.

Now, I’ve never been married, so this is not a story that’s going to end with me defriending someone in real life or even – gasp – on Facebook. But speaking of the crutch of our society, Facebook is where I have mostly been witnessing this offence – in the photo albums of friends and such.

Once upon a time it was considered poor taste to wear black to a wedding because you would be thought to be making a statement to the marriage in question. Nowadays it seems that whole bad omen thing is out the window and you can frock up and rock up in your LBD footloose and fancy free.

But – the white dress thing? Still applies, in my humble opinion, and others’.

What do you think? Tell me after you have perused these dresses, which are some kind of awesome and perfectly appropriate to wear as a wedding guest this spring.

Collette Dinnigan Spring/Summer 2010 collection
Colour and muted tones make a lovely mix in this sexy and sophisticated Josh Goot frock
You can command attention while still being appropriate in this dress from the Alannah Hill SS10 collection

Author: Sally T