Makeup? Absurd notion.

This is Talina, and her lovely face.

I’ve been watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy lately, and I’m obsessed with the makeup worn by the actors. I absolutely love the barely there, “Makeup? Me?! How absurd!” look. As Talina is such a natural beauty, her face was crying out for me to try some of the techniques that have been rattling about in my mind. Perhaps now I can finally sleep, rest assured that I have successfully used many, many products to make someone look au naturale. You think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not. Once I get an idea in my head, it actually does keep me up at night. It’s been a hard week.

Love the ensemble. A little bit french. A little bit ballerina, if you will.

Get Talina’s Look

Base: I airbrushed Talina’s base for a flawless finish, but you can achieve this look at home by applying a sheer coverage foundation, like Gorgeous Cosmetics Sheer Brilliance, $65.50 . Powder the t-zone only, so your natural shine creates a beautiful illumination in all the right places.

Eyes: To make Talina’s eyes pop with colour, I applied a matte peach all over the lid, contoured the socket with a brown shadow with gold shimmer and highlighted with a white gold at the brow bone. I lined her top lashline right in between and close to her lashes with a brown eye shadow, which I then brought up into the outer corners of her eyelid for more detail and definition. I also lightly defined Talina’s eyebrows and applied mascara.

Cheeks: As Talina has great bone structure, I really wanted to make her cheekbones the feature of this makeup. I used the same peach shadow from Talina’s eyes on her apples, and the same highlighter on her cheekbones. I also contoured under her cheekbones with a subtle bronzer. You can find everything you need for the eyes and cheek work in the NP Set Jet Set palette, $32.00

Lips: A nice gloss with a touch of pink will do the trick. Try Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pop, $21.50 at Strawberry Net

Photos by Ashlee Jensen

Author: Sally T