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Sunshine Coast beach poolTen years ago I was working as an editor of an internationally distributed magazine. I suddenly had the idea to leave my job to become a wedding makeup artist in my local area. Yes, I know, it sounds kind of crazy and, trust me, you’re not the first to think so.

This big leap was part of a much broader plan I had for myself, which included starting a blog and online magazine. The few people I divulged this part to also rewarded me with some pretty deafening wide-eyed, fixed-grinned, moments of silence. Remember, back then blogs were still somewhat underground and misunderstood by those not deeply invested in the new medium already, like I was.

Yeah, okay, I know that just sounded like I was branding myself as ahead of my time… okay, well here on the Sunshine Coast, I actually kind of was! In the greater internet community and in my own mind, I was already behind. Blogs were taking off and I felt it was the perfect time to jump on that bandwagon.

I’m not going to go into greater detail here with what happened next, you’ll have to come along to my new workshop for that..!

In short, my Big Idea took longer than I expected, the entire concept changed, and I almost went broke before it got off the ground. I’m really selling this, right? Actually, I wouldn’t change a darn thing. My journey from Big Idea to the business and life I lead now may not have been smooth, or as I originally intended, but it sure was the right journey to take.

These days I run my six-figure business from my home office, or on my couch while watching Netflix, or sitting in my car while my son is training on the soccer field, or in one of my favourite local cafes. I take holidays when I feel like it and days off when my son has something cool on at school. I’m home when he leaves for school in the morning and when he returns in the afternoon and I get to be on the sideline for every game.

This is the life I designed for myself and I got here with one Big Idea and a small $6k investment.

In the meantime, I’ve had so many other Big Ideas. In fact, I have books filled with business ideas and projects – each one planned within an inch of its life. The process of coming up with a cool idea and painstakingly working out exactly how it will work is something that fills me with an unexplainable amount of joy. I think it’s partly a symptom of my ENFP personality type, and partly my deep-seated self-belief. But mostly it’s a lot of practice.

Developing ideas to the point where you have the confidence to see them through isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, and that’s where I come in. I’m so well practiced at this, we’re going to get you to stop sitting on your idea and start standing up and – wait for it – running with it.

I want you to get your Big Idea out of your head, onto paper and – once you’ve got a clear, concise plan for where it’s going – out into the big wide world.

When you come to my workshop, I plan to have you leave with a ton of inspiration, motivation, and most importantly  the tools to take your Big Idea and turn it into a living, breathing, profitable business. One that will lead you to your dream life. And we all know what happens when I make a plan – I make it happen. So let’s get yours happening, too!

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