Innit lovely?

Spring is here, the sun is (mostly) shining, and there are lots of lovely, lovely new makeup looks to try with lots of smashing colours. Today I’m going to give this look, by M.A.C. Cosmetics, a try.

"Softening the mood, and juxtaposing colour, puts you fashionably on the scene" - M.A.C website description of this look. (I'm sold on this look if only because they slipped in the word 'juxtaposing'. GREAT word.)

I’ll be wearing this look with unstructured waves (aka. my roll out of bed and brush hair look – thank God this look is in or I would be screwed) and something white.

As I don’t own all of these M.A.C products, I’ll be substituting with similar products in my kit and you can do the same. No-one will mind, surely. I certainly can recommend you try their lip colour combination of ‘Spice’ lip pencil, ‘Jazzed’ lipstick and ‘On the Scene’ Cremesheen Glass, it’s to die for. The M.A.C Cosmetics website shares detailed application directions of this and many other makeup designs. Isn’t that just so lovely of them?

Author: Sally T