She wore it: Stella, Sweet Ballet in the Alley Way

Stella Perkins is a fashionista and a makeup artist gal pal of mine. Every time I see Stella it’s one of those one-sided conversations that go something like, “Gah! Cute SHOES! Ooh, love your bracelet. OMG – that is the CUTEST DRESS EVER.” So I figured you might want to exclaim along with me. Even have a squeal if you like, I don’t mind. Can’t hear you, for one thing.

Photo by Talina C Photography

“My outfit, to me, I guess looks kind of grunge/indie… it’s a 90’s-inspired look. My mum used to have a dress quite similar in the 90’s when I was growing up. I LOVE girlie dresses with boots or high top converse shoes. My stockings were a bit tatty, but I like that look, it reminds me of Can Can girls in Paris circa 1900 or punks from the 70’s onwards.”

Photo by Talina C Photography
Photo by Talina C Photography

Dress – Sweetacecia from Princess Polly on Adelaide St, Brisbane

Necklace – Ebay @ Store_of_the_Stores

Shoes – Converse from Hype (biggest splurge @ $90.00)

Bag – Country Road (it was a hand-me-down, made in the 90’s)

Scarf – Diva

To compliment her 90’s-inspired get-up, Stella has tweaked another era with her 50’s-inspired makeup design. This girl sure knows how to put her own spin on nostalgia. Her pale complexion and beautiful blues wear it well.  Get the look by choosing a pale matte foundation, applying distinctive 50’s flicks with liquid liner and opting for a sweet pink matte-look lipstick.

Stella swears by Gorgio Armani ‘Luminious Silk Foundation’

I am IN LOVE with Stella’s lippie – ‘Viva Glam GAGA’ by M.A.C, $35.00

Author: Sally T