DIY: Bow to The Bow

The July issue of Vogue Australia featured probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Namely Rose Byrne’s hair stylie.

The Bow is now my fave ever up ‘do. I have quite a lot of hair, so come spring/summer in Queensland, I like to get my hair off my neck most days, but the old top knot is just not going to cut it after seeing this. It’s far too spectacular.

I’ve figured out two ways to achieve this hairstyle. The more tricky way to do the ‘do, which is great for when you don’t have as much or as thick hair as Rose and best for night time/more special events:

Step one: Bring your hair high on top of your head and fasten with an elastic hair tie, leave out a piece of hair, right in the middle at the nape of your neck.

Step two: Part the pony evenly down the middle and hold at a 90-degree angle as you back comb the back side and spray with a strong-hold hairspray. Then pin each side around into the middle at the back, securely, and mess about with the angle of the two bow pieces.

Step three: Bring the piece you left out of the pony up over the middle and fold over at the front and secure.

Step four: Go back and tuck away any loose ends and secure with your choice of holding products.

Now the simple, ‘heading out to the shops or a bbq’ version, for which you really need a good length and volume to your hair:

Step one: Bring all hair up into a backwards top knot, so the ends are at the front.

Step two: Part the folded over section down the middle using the pointy end of a tail comb for precision, and pull apart.

Step three: Bring the ends over the middle and secure at the back, tucking ends under.

Step four: Tuck away any loose ends and use a holding spray of your choice.

For best results: Give your hair some volume before you even begin by using a volumising spray or mousse and blow-drying your hair upside down the night before. Wear with absolutely anything you like – this is a very feminine, but versatile look. Through winter, I’ve been wearing with simple jeans and tees or tights and dresses, but I like to add a touch Minnie Mouse by popping on my red heart-shaped diamonte studs.

This look is great with any hair colour, but you do need good length. It’s trickier with hair that is layered, but not impossible. I would really love to see this look on someone with awesome long red/auburn hair, so send me a pic if you give it a go!

Author: Sally T