Taste and Art: I got ’em, let’s talk about it.

The love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.

These words, said by the poet, essayist and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, speak directly to the stuff that’s going on at this here website. See, there’s this blog you’re reading right now – that’s the love of beauty part. And there’s the creation of beauty in the form of my makeup artistry.

Alright, so I’ll just take it back a notch. Hi, I’m Sally, I’m a makeup artist and a writer. I’m based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, sunshine and happiness originated here – Fact.

You’re probably wondering what I plan to entertain you with, aside from unfounded remarks on the origin of the elements, so I’ll tell you. As a makeup artist and a cosmetics enthusiast, I will, of course, like any self-respecting beauty blogger, give you the low-down on the beauty trends sweeping the nation, and The World. Here and there, I’m sure I’ll even recommend a product or two. But this is the really obvious stuff – the given. It’s to be expected. A sure thing.

I’ll also be telling you one thing in three different ways whenever possible, bringing you interviews and news from other industry professionals, DIYs, economic and eco-friendly beauty and other beauty-related topics that take my fancy. Or yours! Go on up there to your right to the Contact page and let me know what you want me to write about.

As I’m partial to the odd book and piece of music, I might even throw in some stuff I think you’ll dig. You know, I like to look at beauty holistically. Let’s make us all beautiful in our mind, body and soul. Let’s save the world, one post at a time. Let’s comment on this blog and link to it, and love it forever and ever!

Author: Sally T