Two out of three ain’t bad

A lot of people ask me how they should do their makeup. Of course, we could be here forever on that one… So I’m just going to give you one cover all tip I, and many a makeup artist like me, live by. Here it is, are you ready? Are you sure? Okay, here goes:

Pick two features to focus on.

That’s it!

You basically have three options to choose from – eyes, cheeks and lips. The one cardinal rule, and I just can’t stress this strongly enough: do not choose all three! You can have one, or you can have two, but you cannot feature three – uh, features – in one makeup, on one face, at one time. Go by the saying, “two out of three ain’t bad!”

So you can have one of the following combinations:

Eyes + Cheeks

Cheeks + Lips

Eyes + Lips (however, be very careful – if you are going with a bold lip, you still don’t want to go too heavy on the eyes. You want to think clean, like a nice winged eye teamed with a bold red lip, not a full black smokey eye with a glossy red lip)

I’ve enlisted the help of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively to demonstrate:

eyes and cheeks

eyes and lips
cheeks and lips

As a professional makeup artist for weddings, television, photographic work and more, I have a gazillion more tricks of the trade I would absolutely love to share with you. If you are located on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or nearby, book in for my mobile makeup lessons – great fun to be had with a group of girls, or intense one-on-one training to style your own personal makeup looks for day and night.

Author: Sally T