Nice package

We are creatures of superficiality. Come on, this is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of beauty, written by a makeup artist with a severe cosmetics addiction. If you didn’t have a bit of the superficials about you, too, you wouldn’t be here. It’s a good thing for us girls, though, embrace it. I know I do! So of course I super love cosmetics that come in pretty packages*. Here are some of my faves:

Benefit Brows a-go-go, $38.00 USD (found online at Adore Beauty in Australia, but at $68.00, you’re better off buying direct from the US site)

Sugar Baby Glow Getter bronzing powder, $19.95

Bourjois The Big Top Beauty: Tantalizing Tamer eyeshadows, $27.00

Have you any prettily packaged cosmetic products you would like to share with the class? Please comment below!

*That are also great makeup products!

Author: Sally T