Monthly Mix Tape: September

Lusty Men. Crooning, covers.

Nothing I Can Do – Ben Taylor

And Ben’s cover of Macy Gray’s  I Try. I’ve been a James Taylor fan since I was a little girl. His son (with Carly Simon)  upholds the family tradition of making beautiful, beautiful music.

I Belong – Scott Mellis

And Scott’s cover of Beyonce’s Halo. Scott is a bit of a superstar where I’m from. But he’s pretty much going to be a superstar everywhere in about five minutes. For want of a less cliche term, he’s taking the US by storm as we speak. Uh, type–read! Okay, I’ll type, you read.

Save Yourself – James Morrison

And here is James’ cover of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror. He’s come a long way since Wonderful World. He’s, like, sexy now and stuff.

We Could Get Lost – Mark Sholtez

Bit disappointing – I couldn’t find a cover for Mark. I’ve heard he has done Thriller and Sweet Child o’ Mine at a concert. If anyone has a link to either of these, please share. I’m going to see Mr. Sholtez at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane next week . Yeeeeep!*

*Noise I make when I’m excited.

Author: Sally T