… Which is French for “this is the most perfect, clever  fashion item ever.”

I have actually laughed my arse off at this Chip Chop tote more than once now. It’s genius! Just yesterday, I was shopping with my sister and I had tears in my eyes as I was explaining just why I freakin’ love it. Let me share my joy with you now.

For one, there’s the multi-layer wit of the phrase used, “So You Think You’re From France.” Most obviously this is a play on the currently oh so popular reality entertainment show, So You Think You Can Dance. It even rhymes – well done, Chip Chop, well done.

Then it also implies a self-help book-esque slant of the “So You Think You Have Anxiety”, “So You Think You Want To Stab Yourself in the Eye”, “So You Think You’re Blossom From The Self-Titled Show And Keep Wearing Hats With Sunflowers On Them” variety. Because there are people out there*, who do in fact think they’re a little bit French and need a reality check, à la Nanette Manoir from Angela Anaconda:

And then there are the iconic illustrations – the croissant, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Chanel symbol! Words cannot tell you how much I love these.

Finally, there’s the irony of the canvas bag itself. Ah, this is the part that appeals most to Queenlander me. It actually epitomises me and every Chanel-toting, while simultaneously mini-denim-skirt-wearing chick on the Coast. We like to think of ourselves as a bit posh, but sometimes we try our best to get into our local RSL wearing thongs (our best Havaianas, of course.) This is why the McDonald’s Angus Beef “It’s a little bit fancy” campaign is so successful.

The only part that doesn’t appeal to me is the price tag. Paying $69.00 for a canvas tote goes against my good sense… But I find myself borderline obsessed with this très adorable bag. What do you think? Do I stay strong and admire the overpriced tote from afar, or will this bag bring me so much happiness that I should hang the expense? Help me, mon cherie…. my little profiterole… my lovely little  froggy legs… my beret-wearing belle… I could go on.

*Those people are at my house. Actually, there’s just the one at my house… it’s me, oui.

Author: Sally T