Touch ups to save your life

I’m headed to the hair salon today and I’m determined to not want to slit my wrists by the end of the experience. It’s not that I have so little faith in my stylist and imagine I’m going to walk out of there with a variation on The Marge Simpson or something. Oh no, I’m talking about something much more serious.

I’m referring to the evil (eeeeviiiill) hair salon mirrors. How much do you hate yourself when you’re under those harsh lights, staring at yourself in the old looking glass for hours on end. Fairest one of all? Maybe foulest

There is nothing worse than having your stunning professionally blow-dried tresses framing a bare, blotchy face. So I’m going in prepared. Not only am I going in with a full face of makeup, but my touch-up kit is going to be my saviour all day long.

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish 3-in-1 foundation will perfect your complexion in seconds, $59.00. Available at Napoleon Perdis concept stores, and selected Myer and David Jones stores.

And for a quick blot here and there, I am armed with Tatchu Aburatorigami Blotting Papers, $16.00. Available from Mecca Cosmetica stores.

Onto lips. I’m going to keep a nice clean gloss look going all day with a perfect lip colour for absolutely everyone – no matter your skin tone or style, you will love this gloss. It’s a Gorgeous Cosmetics lip gloss in Charm, $30.00.

This is not the actual colour Charm - unfortunately I couldn't find a photo of Charm, and did not have time to take one. Click on link to see sample colour swatch.

Because I am determined to not want to smash the mirror by the end of the day, I am taking it one step further and taking along some mascara for touch ups as well. Today I’ll be toting Diorshow, $51.00. Available at Myer and David Jones.

Wish me luck, girls. Think anti-hideous thoughts for me!

Author: Sally T