Lazy Girl’s Guide to Incidental Charitable Giving

I know you’ve got a great heart, and you want to do your part for the environment, those less-fortunate, and of course be an amazing warrior-type woman for humankind. You’re just super lazy, girl it’s aiight, I know you give a crap! Introducing… incidental charitable giving.

Maybe you don’t know where to spend your money to help make a difference with your charitable giving, or you simply don’t have spare money to give away… but you still want to do something to help.

Girl, I got you. 

I went on a mission to find the most seriously simple ways to make small regular movements towards a better world. It turns out charitable giving can be way easier than you think, and in fact these charitable causes actually make your life easier and speak straight to the heart of the laziest of girls.

Here are some incidental ways you can go about your daily life with absolutely minimal impact to your purse and your time, and still give to great causes.


Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Delivery

Nobody loves walking out of Woolies with a shit tonne (pun intended) of toilet paper swung over their shoulder anyway, so having your TP delivered direct to your door eradicates this humiliation from life. Okay, that’s dramatic, it honestly doesn’t bother me that much, I mean we all need toilet paper, right? 

The thing is, we also all need toilets, but shockingly 40% of the worlds population don’t have access to clean toilets. At first glance to us of the privileged variety of human this may not seem like such a big deal – unpleasant, sure, but not dire… Wrong. Poor sanitation is a direct cause of diarrhoea-related diseases, which kill 900 children every day in sub-Saharan hospitals.

Who Gives a Crap has partnered with Water Aid and similar organisations, who are implementing high impact sanitation projects throughout the developing world. In fact, impressively, 50% of the company’s profits have and continue to be donated to these organisations. So far that’s almost half a million dollars.


Now, let’s get down to it… you’re wondering about the cost, the feel, the environmental impact. I’m pleased to report that the cost is comparable with the best value toilet paper available in the supermarket at around 25c per 100 sheets. The feel is, as the company claims, soft as unicorn kisses and strong as 1000 ponies.

Who Gives a Crap is 100% recycled, so in addition to helping people, you’re helping the planet save water, trees and reduce carbon emissions by making the conscious choice to purchase some TP with purpose.


Who Gives a Crap has also created recycled tissue boxes and paper towels. All of their products have super cute packaging as an added bonus to your incidental charitable giving.


Would you believe, you can purchase a toilet paper gift voucher? For the right person, this would be a great birthday gift! Imagine their face…


Get your Milk & Beans

If you’re local to the Sunshine Coast, grab your cup o’ joe at Milk & Beans in Mooloolaba, where 20 cents from every coffee sold goes towards initiatives that assist the homeless youth and struggling families. Love that!


Why not meet a friend or love interest at Milk & Beans for coffee and chats? Shout them a coffee, and feel extra awesome about your giving. You could head in for a meeting, or take along your laptop and finish that novel already. Talk about lazy…


Moxie Box Club – Feminine Product Delivery

Another annoying purchase at least around 50%-ish of the adult population need to make regularly is feminine hygiene products. It sucks when you run out, and it’s at a crucial moment when you are in no mood to be running to the shops, dodging the chocolate aisle for fear of spending your entire weekly grocery budget on Cadbury. Delivieries are the way of the lazy girl’s future! Huzzah!

Moxie have the Moxie Box Club, where for $30 you can choose any 5 of their products to be delivered to your door. You can choose the frequency of your delivery, you’re never locked in and you can even purchase a one-off just to give it a try first. I did this, and I found it to be an efficient service that’s good value for money.

If in your delivery you choose any of the Pads for Pads products, you help girls in Uganda to stay in school during their period. See there is a lot of shame and embarrassment that surrounds periods for these young girls, because they don’t have access to proper supplies to manage their menstruation. This means they are missing out on their education because they have no choice but to stay home. AFRIpads is an organisation, which has partnered with Moxie so that every purchase from their Slenders and Sleepovers range is matched by Moxie to donate reusable pads for girls in Uganda.

We all know education is power, so keeping girls in school is so important!


You can gift a Moxie Box Club to a pal. Food for thought – I actually think that any young girl just embarking on this totally shithouse new development… amazing rite of passage and celebration of womanhood… um, slightly unfortunate, but totally manageable thing we all just have to put up with… It could be made a little less unbearable by receiving a seriously cute box with prettily packaged supplies in the mail.

Alternatively, and this is something I’ve looked into, but haven’t yet given it a try yet… I had the idea that by purchasing a gift Moxie Box Club and having it sent to Share the Dignity, which is an organisation that takes donations of sanitary items and gives them to homeless women here in Australia, you’re really making your donation go a lot further.


 Charity Buy – Easiest Giving Ever

This one is so simple, you don’t even have to change any of your consumer habits. Next time you’re buying online, simply spend about 30 seconds going via This website has partnered with hundreds of stores, such as Woolworths, StrawberryNet, Sephora, Etsy, ShowPo, Bonds, David Jones and Expedia to name a few, so that a small percentage of every transaction you make online goes towards a charity of your choice.

The definition of incidental charitable giving really, and you don’t have to switch brands, or buy any additional items to make an impact. There’s no entering codes at checkout, as once you’ve clicked via the Charity Buy website, you’ve already alerted the website you’re purchasing from that you want your purchase to benefit your nominated charity. The percentage of giving will range from 2% to a very generous 7% of your transaction. Whether you’re buying beauty products, clothes, jewellery, underwear, holidays, gifts or just your groceries, everything you intend to buy online should be bought via this site – it’s no skin off your nose and you’re doing something to help the world.


Well really you could buy any present you would normally, just via the link above. Easy!


Thankyou. Eradicating poverty.

Another incredible Australian organisation doing so so so much good in the world. Thankyou. is a social enterprise working with the firm belief global poverty can be ended in our lifetime. That is a huge call, but I dig is so hard. Wildly ambitious, but you know what? I believe them, 100%.

So far the company, which gives 100% of profits to projects in 18 countries in excess of $4.6million, which translates to getting food, safe water and sanitation and child and maternal health services to hundreds and thousands of people in need.

I’m sure you’ve seen their products around, as their stockists include Woolworths of course. Bottled water, bathroom products, baby products and muesli bars are some of the products available. Prices are reasonable/comparable, so it’s easy to make the switch. About a year ago, I put a mini review of their peppermint body wash and lotion on my Instagram feed, and I have repurchased these many times since.


Many of the Thankyou. products are available in Woolworths in Australia. You can also order online.


There are some lovely Thankyou. Baby collections you can gift to your pregnant pal, for example. I have personally just ordered the Chapter One book for myself. It’s a pay what you want scheme, but if you pay $40 you receive a free journal. Nice! Considering the story behind Thank you., I think this would be an absolutely incredible gift for anyone with a giving – or entrepreneurial – spirit. Three TEENAGERS from Melbourne started this amazing social enterprise. I cannot wait to read this book… watch this space.


Got a website? Be part of this hero movement – no money required.

Destiny Rescue has long been my charity of choice. I am in awe of everything they do as an NGO to save girls from sexual slavery. You know we all have that one thing that hits us right in the guts… well human trafficking is the one that kills me. The idea of buying and selling people – actual people – and often children, sickens me to my very core.

The amazing people running Destiny Rescue actually go into the brothels in countries, such as Cambodia and the Philippines, and remove underage girls, who were sold or stolen for sexual slavery. Spine-tingling stuff!

Destiny Rescue then puts those girls up in safe houses with access to counselling and gives them training to help them forge new careers in areas, such as hairdressing, sewing, waitressing and jewellery-making. They also have prevention programs in place providing alternative means of income for families in deep poverty. At-risk communities are being empowered with the education and tools to farm and breed livestock. 

Every year I purchase their jewellery as Christmas presents for my family, and I give a monthly donation. More recently, though, I discovered another way to help that costs me absolutely nothing. Because I run two websites – one with very with high traffic, I can help just by placing a banner on the blog posts I’m putting up anyway!

If you own a website of any kind – high traffic or otherwise – you can help get the word out by placing a banner somewhere on your site, like the one above. You don’t even need to have a blog, you could put it on your contact page, about page – or heck, even on your home page!


You can give an unforgettable gift in your friend’s name of a child’s education or uniform, a safe house welcome pack with linen and other personal supplies for a rescued child, hairdressing and sewing training, and more.


Destiny Rescue run tours through Cambodia and Thailand, where you can visit the homes of the rescued girls and witness the amazing work being done on the ground, as well as experience an incredible holiday in a most beautiful part of the world.


Will you be doing some incidental charitable giving?

What do you think, gals? Can you see yourself making the switch to any of the above? Let me know on social media, or if you know of any other ways to make an impact that’s super easy, all us lazy girls will get behind, please share!


Author: Sally T

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