10 YouTubers You Need to Know About

10 YouTubers YOU NEED TO KNOWFriends, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am an avid YouTube watcher. Indeed it began with beauty videos, as would be expected, but now my subscriptions have expanded to include Mummy vloggers, Weekly Family Vlogs, a French Cook, travel tips, health advice, minimalism ideas and yoga to boot.

It’s an indulgent little list, and I thought today I’d share my top favourite channels old and new. Without further ado and in no particular order…

Carly Cristman

I love this girl! She is so down-to-earth and hilarious, yet she is super smart and talented, driven and bloody gorgeous. I like how her videos are short and sharp and helpful. Her commitment to a neutral colour palette is commendable. Carly is an entertainment television presenter, stylist, content creator, bride-to-be, packing guru, and just a cool chick.

Mariah Leonard

This gal is different from the rest. She’s intelligent and she doesn’t hype things up like most of the beauty You Tubers out there. I like that she doesn’t yell everything she says like far too many of them do. She’s just natural, and even quite dry. Although she’s not a makeup artist, I enjoy her bravery with use of colour in her makeup.

The Michalaks

Stefan, Hannah and toddler Grayson are the sweet young hipster twat family we all want to be. They were living in London, but have now moved to Bath, and they create the most stunningly beautiful weekly vlogs sharing their daily life, which could be anything from working from home between visits to the park, to travelling to the Carribean or going on a road trip to the country. They’re funny, honest, and if Gracie is not the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen then I’ll eat my hat.

Sarah Nourse

Like everybody else right now, I’m loving learning about minimalism. Sarah and her husband live very simply in Europe, running their own business and travelling. It’s the dream, right?! I like a lot of the things they have to say and I particularly love this video, because it shows a destination that has always resided firmly on my bucket list, and has given me tons of motivation to start a-plannin’!

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Yoga with Adrienne

This channel I went looking for when I kept having ads for online yoga programs and apps pop up in my Facebook feed. I thought to myself, “Pretty sure I can find that on YouTube for free…” I was right. Adrienne has literally years worth of yoga sessions on her channel. I will admit I haven’t been doing these anywhere near as frequently as I should, so I’m going to make a conceded effort to remedy this, even if it’s only doing this 5-minute morning routine every day.

French Guy Cooking

My family will tell you I am NOT on board with cooking shows. They make me hungry and frustrated, because ingredients and effort: two things I am generally lacking in. However this guy might in fact be my favourite person on the planet, who I don’t personally know. Yes, it is 70% the accent and cliche Frenchman personal style, but the other 30% is clever and funny and full of delicious eating experiences. In addition to this video, make sure you look for Alex’s travelling food vlogs (flogs!) to London and New York, and also Paris.


Stripping back to what’s underneath to talk about self-acceptance. This is so important for women and girls of 2017. The women featured are fascinating and inspiring and real. Could not love this more. This interview features Supermodel Iskra Lawrence, who I simply adore. Massive woman crush! She breaks down in tears at the end, and it’s beautiful.

Brian Friedman

Pure entertainment and fascination for the epic choreography and incredible dancers in Brian Friedman’s dance workshops. I can’t stop watching them some days.

Dr. Josh Axe

When I want to get my health nerdery on, this is the guy I turn to. He breaks down health concerns and nutritional information in a way that makes so much sense and offers solutions and recipes you can implement in your everyday life to improve your health. Love it.

Glam Life Guru

Tati Westbrook has given herself the apt title of Beauty Product Investigator. I watch Tati to save myself from spending money on sub-par products, because she is both extremely honest and knowledgeable with high expectations for beauty products and brands. I also watch her because I enjoy her very pretty face, her cute-as-a-button puppy Pooka, and her sweet-as-anything husband, James. She’s also quite funny.

The Fitness Marshall

I think we all saw this hilarious and totally awesome dance fitness video doing the rounds on Facebook about a year ago. Did you know he has a whole YouTube channel?! The most fun you can have doing cardio-centric routines.



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