If there’s one thing you need to know right now, it’s this: you want browsers. Browsers are brows that have people saying, “wowsers” or, even – EVEN “browsers!”, but not even knowing why. They will be saying it and they don’t even know why. They don’t even know what browsers are, but they will know it when they see it. And they will exclaim, “Browsers!” in delight and disbelief.

Let’s backtrack, because it is far too exciting to move forward at this point in time.

You have a face, right? And on that face are two magical little munchkins, known to you now only as eyebrows. Pleasant as they are, they don’t have people exclaiming words they didn’t even know existed. And that’s not exciting, that’s not even worth reading about. Browsers on the other hand… well. Let me tell you how to get them.

  1. Shape them. Go to a brow bar, not, I repeat, a brow bar – NOT a hairdresser. If it is available in your area, have them THREADED. Threading is the most magical thing to ever happen to eyebrows (but that was before this blog post, so let’s just see after today, eh?). I have mine threaded here on the Sunshine Coast by Liz, founder of the Get Threaded franchises, and so much happiness has it brought to my life. Oh, so much.
  2. If required, have them tinted. Personally, I like a dark brow. As a wee lass, I looked a smidge like Gwen Stefani in the brow department – black brows and lashes, blond hair. I thought it was well strange, but I grew to accept and eventually love my clashing hairs. Now, I wouldn’t be without dark browsers (oh yeah, mine are browsers).
  3. Use your MAKEUP to create an instant BROWSERS! effect. Here is my professional makeup artist advice:
  • Choose a product that is suitable to your brow colour. You can use a matte eyeshadow with an angle brush or an eyebrow pencil. Starting at the end closest to your schnozz, draw a line at the top that reaches the upper-most point of your brow arch, or where you would like you brow arch to reside. Do the same at the bottom, at the underside of your brow line.


  • Then hold a straight pencil or brush at your nose on an angle leading up to your outer eye. Where the line sits in line with your brow is where your brow should end, so make a small mark here.

  • Then draw a straight line leading from either side of your second half of your brow to meet this point. All of the above mentioned lines should be light – not too sharp, unless, of course, sharp is the look you’re going for.

  • Shade in the areas you have drawn and voila!


AFTER (sultry)
BEFORE (sad)

Author: Sally T