A Radiant Lady

The beautiful lass you will find in these photos is Shelly, who is about to embark on a very exciting first-time journey. She’s becoming a mum for the very first time!

I’m quite envious of Shelly. I remember the weeks leading up to the birth of my son, six long years ago, and the excitement and anticipation were almost too much to bear! It’s uncomfortable, and painful at times, and you don’t always feel your most attractive (at least, you don’t if you’re pregnant me, who ballooned to at least five times my original size), but it’s also the most wonderful thing in the entire world.

When I was pregnant, I didn’t have a maternity shoot. I didn’t really even take many photos of myself, nor allow others to. I simply didn’t feel beautiful at that time. The day of Shelly’s shoot was extremely hot in the middle of our Sunshine Coast summer, and when I arrived, Shelly didn’t feel very beautiful, either. However, I can safely say that by the time I was finished, Shelly absolutely felt beautiful, and was able to face her photo shoot with the lovely and talented, Lani Carter, confidently.

Check out the amazing photos Lani Carter Photographer, took of the gorgeous Shelly, who can now treasure these first pregnancy photos forever. I only wish I had organised a maternity shoot with Lani back then and allowed a hair and makeup artist to make me feel human for it! Maybe next time… Ahem.


Author: Sally T