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It’s about time I confessed I’m an absolute sucker for supplements. I know there’s controversy surrounding the supplement market, with some claiming they’re a waste of money. I respect that feeling, but I will dare to disagree.

First of all, I think it’s worth noting that not all supplements are created equal. Let’s get that part out of the way now. Just like we can’t expect every foundation to be on point, every car to be a dream, every hotel to be perfect, every dishwashing liquid to perform well… you get where I’m going with this, right? There are going to be some that are lesser in quality than others.

Luckily for you, I’ve done some testing and trialling, and I’ve found some beauties I know I can count on. Can I guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt they will do the same for you? No. I’m not a pharmacist and I imagine results will vary. I mean, it usually says so right there on the packet, so please don’t think I’m telling you these will be your best solution, they just so happen to be mine. I trust the sources and have had marked results with the formulas over time.

So let’s get into them. There are only three, because I find that’s all I need and taking more than three each day would be way too much effort for a lazy gal like me.

Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, Nails Booster AUD$54.62

This supplement was created by Tati Westbrook, who is a famous beauty YouTuber. You may wonder why oh why a YouTuber would create a supplement and why I would trust said YouTuber. I’m here to tell you, I not only trust Tati, I pretty much don’t buy any beauty products without her tick of approval. I spend a LOT of money on beauty products, so I don’t want to waste my money on duds. Tati puts makeup and beauty through rigorous tests, and she’s not afraid to say a product is rubbish if it truly is. That’s why I know if she’s created a product, it’s going to be a darn good ‘un.

It claims to…

  • Promotes Thick and Luxurious Hair Growth*
  • Minimizes Fine Lines and Wrinkles*
  • Supports Collagen and Keratin Production*
  • Promotes Strong and Healthy Nails*
  • With Anti-Gray Fighting Enzymes*

So I’ve taken her Halo for Skin and Hair for two months now, and I have seen the most obvious difference in my nails, which are usually flaky and thinner than baking paper. My hair is also healthy and shiny, and my skin is clear and even in texture. Full disclosure: I use very good skin and haircare. I look after my skin and hair on both the outside and the inside, and I’m sure that makes the world of difference.

I have noticed lately that my forehead lines seem a little… less, which is very nice!

Tonik #1 – Coconut Oil – AUD $34.99

Tonik got in contact with me and wanted to send a supplement my way to try. Being quite the supplement enthusiast, as previously mentioned, I was happy to give it a go. I received their Tonik #1 – Coconut Oil. Being a big believer in the benefits of coconut oil, finding a capsule form was a huge bonus.

Coconut oil is great for healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as many other health benefits. It’s a healthy fat we should all have in our diets.

This one makes my list for the ease of consumption in capsule form. Tonik also have Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Tumeric, and Organic Hemp Seed Oil capsules, which I hope to give a try soon, too!

Protandim – NRF2 – AUD $59/month

I’ve been taking this little yellow pill for four years now, and I personally believe everybody should be taking it. This isn’t simply a skin supplement, though it definitely helps my skin appear more awake and younger. This is because it has been proven to reduce cellular stress in humans. It’s great for supporting your overall health and people (including myself!) report improvement in muscle recovery, skin, sleep, and reduction of inflammation.

Simply put, Protandim is unlike anything else I’ve ever encountered – it actually turns on your body’s ability to make it’s own antioxidants and sends it almost into overdrive (which is a GOOD thing!) I sound really passionate about this one, because I am. I’d never be without it!

Author: Sally T

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