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Sally Townsend MUA_1

The lovely Miss Terri Hanlon recently popped into my place to snap a few pics of me working at home for my website, and also my new Editor’s pic for The Bride’s Tree Magazine.

It’s always a disconcerting experience being on the other side of the lens, as opposed to behind-the-scenes wielding a pressed powder and mean brush belt fussing over models in my role as a makeup artist. This time all the nerves were forgotten when the calming presence of Terri appeared. It was all so easy peasy, because Terri makes it impossible not to be at home as her camera’s subject.

Of course my constant companion and creative director, Mr Darcy the Lhasa-poo, was on hand to give some much-needed posing advice and plenty of cuddles. I was happy with this arrangement at the time, but now I’ve seen the images, it’s clear I’ve been upstaged. Hmph. Sally Townsend MUA _ Terri Hanlon Photography

Oh Mr Darcy, you are a dark and handsome (not so tall…) dashing prince! This smoochy pooch is never far, choosing to spend his days happily sprawled under my desk, or cuddled up on the couch or in my bed with me – wherever my home office happens to be on any given day.

Terri Hanlon PhotographyThis is my official Editor’s Letter pic, which will now appear in each issue of The Bride’s Tree free online bridal magazine.

Terri Hanlon Photography Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon PhotographyFor my closeup, I chose to wear a fairly natural makeup with a hint of glam. I’m sporting my absolute favourite lipstick by MAC Cosmetics – a lustre shade called Syrup. And of course perfectly defined eyebrows.

When styling my hair, I employed my signature style – messy. My hair is naturally wavy, so I tend to achieve “the messy look” quite easily by blowdrying my hair upside down for volume, then when it’s almost dry, I tie it in a bun for 10 minutes or so. Imperfect, yet effective! Terri Hanlon Photography

There’s that pretty pup again, offering his congratulations on my latest blog article. Why thank you, Mr Darcy!Terri Hanlon Photography

Author: Sally T