My Fave Makeup You Tube Channels

Gals, I’ve been wasting a lot o’ time lately getting my You Tube on. Nope, no I have not being doing anything so productive as creating makeup tutorial videos… I have simply been watching ’em.

It all started like this. I wanted to buy some new brushes, a new trolley case for all my freelance makeup artist gear, and various new products. These I will be blogging about, so stay tuned!

Nobody wants to part with money and feel like it’s been wasted, so I went to my gurus and started to search on You Tube very specific things I wanted to know about, such as must-have brushes, top 10 products from specific lines etc. I found that extremely useful in making my purchase choices.

And in doing so, I also found a whole stack of beauty bloggers I haven’t come across before. So, as I have done in the past, I thought I would share my fave makeup You Tube films and channels with you, because these beauty gurus are in-the -know product-wise, they are fun with their makeup and they have great personality.

Heidi Hamoud

I cannot stop looking at this pretty face! I really like Heidi a lot. She has a gorgeous Instagram account, she is a freelance makeup artist, who was self-taught, and she does some really creative looks using mostly high end products. I also enjoy her Aussie accent, which, like mine, is a little rough around the edges at times!

This video is a lovely tutorial with a beautiful look and it’s only short, so spend the four odd minutes and do yourself a favour.


Love this little Latina babe! She’s so cute and funny, and I like how honest she is about the products. She’s down to earth and uses as many cheaper brands as she does expensive ones.

In this video, she shares her IMATS haul, and although I’m super jealous, I just love seeing new cosmetics! I’m a bit obsessed.

Lauren Curtis

Another Aussie lass, hurrah! I very much enjoy the whole look of Lauren’s videos from her pretty pretty face to her gorgeous white apartment in the background. I also love her honesty and she’s not afraid to criticise products, no matter whether they are drug store or high end.

This video is useful for anyone looking for a new foundation as everything here is available in Australia, which is not always the case with You Tubers, who are more often located in the UK or US.

Makeup Geek

Ah, Marlena. A real veteran of You Tube in the beauty arena. She has taken her success as a You Tuber and following to help her start her own brand named after her channel, Makeup Geek. Her eyeshadows are fabulous dupes of MAC eyeshadown. And… I have order TWENTY-SEVEN of them! I cannot wait to receive them. I’m actually becoming really impatient, because it’s been a couple of weeks since I ordered them… this is what we get for living in the


Now this guy I’ve loved for a long time. I love everything about him. He is an amazing makeup artist, he is a no bullshit (excuse my language!) approach, and I love how he keeps his videos short and precise. You always have time for his videos, and don’t get halfway through and start wondering when it’s going to end, like with some!

The subject of this video is a makeup technique many people ask me about. I actually love what has become widely known as the Kim Kardashian technique; I apply it on myself for a night out and some clients; I’ve always loved doing a cream or liquid contour and highlight. It was happening long before Kim Kardashian, but girlfriend definitely takes it to a whole new level! I quite love it.

I hope you enjoyed some of these films. If you would like to share your faves with me, I would love that!

Author: Sally T