Glow Down in Isolation | Beauty Routines You Can Skip For Now

I’ve been thinking how free I feel in isolation with less focus on all things beauty. I thought I’d share some ways you too can #glowdown with purpose.

It’s makeunder time!

Okay, so I think it goes without saying that I’m a biiiiiiig makeup fan. Huge. Right now, for example, unless I have a Zoom Chat to get to (and even then, it has to be a work thing…) I’m loving going completely makeup free.

Ever wished your brows were bushy enough to rock that bushy brow trend, but can’t help plucking the strays? As if! Now’s your chance to just let it go and grow those babies!

Don’t worry about how they look, you’ll be standing at least two meters away from anyone you bump into on your daily walk, so they won’t even notice.

My musty pal, you’re at home, everywhere you go – the couch, the kitchen – has airconditioning. You’ve got nothing better to do than wash your clothes more regularly, so give your pits a break already!

This one has bonafide health benefits. Particularly if you’ve been wearing deodorant with potentially harmful chemicals, like aluminium, giving your pits a break would be so dope.

Personally I’ve been giving The Curly Girl Method for wavy hair a go, which means no sulphates or silicones in my products, and no heat styling. Something that can also be beneficial is not dyeing my hair.

It’s going to be a slow transition that will involve balayage/ombré to make my way back to virginity, but I’m committed. And by committed, I of course mean I have moderate levels of confidence in my ability to persevere and resist highlights.

Whateverrr, I can’t go to the hairdresser right now anyway, and neither can you.


Another glow down with serious potential health benefits, believe it or not, is to go bra-less. Is this not the best news ever?!

Aside from increasing your comfort levels, which can only be a good thing right now, freeing the girls will help to…

  1. Boost circulation, allowing all the important vessels around your heart to do what they should be doing.
  2. Improve the skin around your breasts by disallowing bacteria to be trapped by your bra.
  3. Encourage healthy breast tissue, which is best for longterm breast health.
  4. Have less back pain.
  5. Give you a better breast shape. That’s right, the sag has proven to be less likely when you don’t wear a bra than when you do. I know, I’m buggen’ myself.

It’s no secret that acrylic nails are damaging. They sure look good though, amirite? Listen, I’m not going to suggest you stop getting your regular set altogether, but it really can’t hurt to go au naturale temporarily, at least, and let your nails breathe.

You also get the chance to see your nails in all their glowed-down glory and inspect them for infection, which is important to do regularly. Use some nice oils or hand cream while your claws are out and proud, so you can hydrate them beautifully. This will bring them into a lovely healthy state. When this is all over you’ll have healthy nails and the chance to either get your gel or acrylic nails back on with a great base, or… you might decide natural nails are for you after all. Who knows!

I hope you’re all feeling well and staying safe. See you soon, Bettys!

Author: Sally T

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