Dear Sally… Pore minimizer

Dear Sally,

Can you recommend a good primer for oily+large pored skin? 

Something that also won’t break the bank. 

Would be thankful for your advice as my skin drives me nuts, 

I feel like an oily faced teenager some days!

Dear Hayley,

I sure can help you with that! There are several pore minimizing or mattifying primers out there. Here are a few of my faves:

M.A.C. Prep & Prime Refined Zone, $35.00. This is a good one for your oil-prone t-zone. I have found it has a mattifying effect, but it doesn’t really eradicate the pores the way it says it will. I also found it best to wait a good few minutes before applying makeup, or the effect is entirely lost.

The Body Shop Matte It Skin Primer, $26.95. This one I love, it really does what it is supposed to. It is mattifying and it reduces the appearance of pores without putting horridness into your skin. Oh, and did I mention you can order it through me?

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifier, $65.00. I used to work with a Napoleon makeup artist here on the Sunshine Coast, and this was a product we used a lot on clients. I thought it was quite good at the time, but after trying it myself, I actually don’t think it’s that great. It is definitely one you need to touch up with throughout the day, which isn’t very economical again when it comes in just a 25ml tube. Plus, it has been known to make some people break out. And this is why I don’t pigeon hole myself as a makeup artist attached to any single brand – I pick and choose products from many brands, so I only use the best of the best on my clients, baby! But hey, if you’re a major Napoleon fan, fill your boots.

Now, Hayley, you’re right on the money here – a mattifying and/or pore minimizing primer is the way to go for a quick fix for your enlarged pores. However, nothing takes the place of a good skincare routine. So if you want to get to the root of the problem, it is advisable to get a really great skincare range happening as soon as possible.

Again, I love The Body Shop products for skincare. Personally, I have recently been suffering a bout of horrid winter skin with red, flaky skin around by nose and chin. Seriously, I was looking like I had a permanent pash rash, and I can guarantee you, it wasn’t anything so exciting as that! I have started using their Vitamin E range, and teamed with their Warming Mineral Mask, there is no more flaking and the redness is all but gone. It is just so relieving when you can see something actually working! Having problem skin is no fun for anyone.

For you, Hayley, I would suggest either the Vitamin E range, which is great for all skin types, or the calming Aloe range. Or if you really want a deep cleanse, try the seaweed range, which features a mattifying day cream. It is so important to moisturise, as often our over-producing oils can be attributed to dehydrated skin, believe it or not!

Take a look at The Body Shop online, then contact me with your order.

I hope this helps, Hayley!

Author: Sally T