Woop! Pinup Sister!

Hello old friends! Yes, I know, it’s been awhile. As many a blogger has justified their lack of attentiveness before me, I have to say I have just been extremely busy. Of course there has been makeup to be done, but there is something else, too. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’ve also been flat out with another project of mine for which I have been blogging every day – every single day – since December 1st last year.

I, along with my business partner, Jenny, have created a wedding website, complete with a daily blog, online magazine, directory, planning tools, helpful planning articles and general awesomeness. Also, it’s completely focused on the Sunshine Coast, so it’s super dooper handy for planning weddings here on the Sunshine Coast. I hope that is just screaming “wow, crazy handy!” to you, because this was our plan from the start. Hurrah!

So make sure you visit The Bride’s Tree! This is us, our little team of two, in our team photos by Level Eleven Photography, who have a studio based in Caloundra.

Now, onto more pressing matters. Recently, my super hottie sister, Jewels, turned 42, so we decided to treat her to an experience she has always wanted to have – a pinup shoot! She’s a huge fan of the pinup look, and thankfully, I knew exactly who to hook her up with – the lovely Emma from Pepperslinks Pinups.

Jewels was absolutely over the moon to receive this as a present and get her pinup on. She carefully planned her outfits, I hussied her up with some hair and makeup, and Emma worked her magic behind the camera. Just take a look – does this look like a woman in her 40’s to you?! What a super hottie!

In her Kitten D'Amour dress, Jewels felt like a real pinup girl and Emma edited it with sweet pastel backgrounds. LOVE!



Author: Sally T