The Genuine Article

Kelly and Matt met through work and bonded over their mutual love of dogs. Or so Kelly thought. It turns out Matt was slowly developing a love of dogs in an effort to win his crush over! As Matt’s interest in dogs became the real thing, as did their love for one another. The pair were recently married at Kings Beach on the Sunshine Coast at the ANZAC Memorial lookout.

I was honoured to pretty up the bride for the occasion with a hint of makeup (as well as her sister/bridesmaid, Allison, and their lovely mum, Colleen.) Kelly is such a natural person. She puts on no airs, and is simply a genuinely lovely human being. Her natural beauty shines from within to the outside, where she seldom sees the need for makeup.

I absolutely love it when a client tells me they are not usually a makeup person, because it means I have the fun of introducing them to the world of cosmetics! I am always careful to listen to any specific preferences and either lean towards or steer away from products or techniques that could possibly make them feel uncomfortable. I feel it’s my duty (albeit a superficial one!) to make their experience with makeup a pleasant one. Basically, I heart makeup, and I want everyone else to heart it right along with me. I mean, this potential common interest could be the thread that forms positive relationships and strengthens communities, the glue that holds our society together – even SAVES THE WORLD. Getting a little ahead of myself? Perhaps giving cosmetics too much power…?

Okay, fine. The moral of the story is, Kelly wanted to look beautiful, but natural, for her wedding day, staying true to her naturally beautiful self. And I can confidently say that’s just what we achieved with Kelly’s makeup design and application.

Tim of Tim McIvor Photography was there to capture the love and laughter of this adorable and oh-so-cute couple.

Finishing touches
I love the effect on this image! It's silent movie glam!

Kelly wanted a bit of colour in her makeup design, so we went with a soft, pretty pink in her eyeshadow and lipstick
Kelly and Matt's beloved pooch, Chips, had to get in on the act

This is one story with a very happy ending. Roll credits

Author: Sally T