Tart it, you Harlotte

In celebration of reaching almost 300 Likes on the old Facebook, I would like to offer you, dear reader, the chance to WIN some of my fave products!

These hot little lippies by sexy Australian brand, Harlotte Cosmetics, are some of my most popular shades for brides, but I also personally love wearing them daily, as well as when I’m all hussied up for a night out on the town.

They are completely wearable shades, flattering all skintones. They feel and smell great (yes, smell!) and they come in such super cute packaging, that will have you itching  for an excuse to whip it out and reapply.

Hands down, the best thing about these lipsticks are the names. The three I have chosen to share with you are called, “Flasher”, “Exposed” and “Skinny Dip”. More than a little bit cheeky, wouldn’t you agree?

So now to the important part – how you can win these three luscious lipsticks, valued at $30.00 each for a total prize value of $90.00. It’s so simple, I’m looking for the catch myself! But alas, there isn’t one. Because if anyone was going to find it – it’s me. I mean, I did come up with the idea after all!

Okay, so all you have to do is suggest my Sally Townsend Makeup Artistry page to your friends on Facebook and let me know either in the comments on this here blog post, or on my Facebook page itself that you have done so and you go into the draw. How easy is that! You tart me about like a harlot, and you might win some Harlotte, *wink*.

Whoa, but wait there’s more! Now this will really knock your sweet little cotton socks right off. You can get yourself a second entry by following me on Twitter and suggesting your friends do the same. Let me know on Twitter you have done so to make sure I put your name in the draw a second time.

The Conditions: Entries close by end of business Friday, April 1st Queensland time. There will be only one winner. However, here’s the best part – these little gifts can be sent anywhere in the world, so get entering, even if you’re not local to the Sunshine Coast or even Australia!

Go on all you little harlots, get to tarting about the joint!

Author: Sally T