Online Money-saving Hacks for Your Wedding

Let’s face it, wedding are esspensive… So I’ve found some wedding hacks that will help you save some dollar dollar bills, yo.

These are sights I’ve used myself or had come highly recommended by bridal makeup clients of mine. So enjoy, I hope they bring you both wealth and wisdom.

Appy Couple

Holy moly, this site could really save you a ton of money. You get to design your own wedding website with this very easy-to-use platform. It will help you to communicate everything about your wedding to your guests from first saving the date to invitations, itinerary, photos, and you can even collect your RSVPs all in one place.

You’ll be able to sign in from any device to update details, so it’s really great to use on-the-go. The designs are fully customisable, and they’re beautifully crafted by professional designers. You can get started with your own online wedding hub for a one-time fee of AUD$59.

Raiz Rewards

Here is an easy way to save and make money while planning your wedding – and it’s so simple, you won’t even notice you’re doing it! Raiz is a secure app that will round up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar and invests it for you. It’s basically your chump change, and it adds up quick!

Right now I have over $1400 in my Raiz account – and I have done virtually nothing but allow it to accumulate. I’ve earned dividends on the investment, but I’ve also used the additional features on the app to make even more money.

Raiz Rewards is a cutback scheme, which allows you to earn back a percentage of your normal purchases through stores like Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, Samsung, PetBarn, Wot if, and more. If you’re self-catering your beverages for your wedding, you could make some money back with BWS using this feature.


Honey is a plugin for your web browser that searches the web for discount codes on any purchases you make and automatically applies them to your cart at checkout. I have personally saved hundreds of dollars this way!

You also earn Honey Gold with each purchase, which is like getting cash back. The plugin is very easy to install and it just sits there waiting to help you save money next time you buy online.


Looking for a unique place to stay on your wedding night? You can certainly find an intimate abode fit for a pair of lovebirds on this site. You can even book your entire honeymoon the world over with Airbnb.

One way you can use the site to your advantage and help pay for your honeymoon is to first use this link to join up and make your first booking. You’ll get a AUD$55 credit applied to your account. Then use the code Airbnb will send to you to invite your guests to join and book their accommodation for your wedding. You’ll get another $25 credit for each of those who take you up on it.


Online streaming has made it really easy to create your own playlists. One thing I love about using a legitimate, professional platform like Spotify is that the levels are steady, unlike the old days when playlists were clunky with songs at different levels.

Another benefit is there are already a ton of playlists available, so you can find any kind of music you want for your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, and getting ready in the morning. As a makeup artist, I get to hear a lot of different soundtracks to the wedding morning – my personal fave is a good old 90’s pop playlist.

You can also use Spotify to choose your wedding day soundtrack for all those big moments. I have put together a list of potential songs for walking down the aisle here…

Author: Sally T

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