Moisturiser Mind Monster

Is it just me, or do you gallies get moisturiser guilt? Here is what happens to me many, many nights: I go to bed, start to drift off, then, out of nowhere, a thought pops into my mind, “I should moisturise my entire body, it feels a little dry.”

Then I will go on with a stream of consciousness, “Nope. Going to sleep now. Not doing it… But maybe I should. Skin is supposed to be moisturised, especially at night. That ad on the telly says that’s when your body has its best absorption power going on. What was that product? Oh, who cares! Sally – give it a rest, you’re being ridiculous…  Although I did have a pretty hot shower tonight, and I really should have done it straight out of the shower… But it’s too late now, my skin will survive one night without body lotion… Except that it’s starting to feel tingly… Yep, I can definitely feel the skin between my shoulder blades itching, and it’s probably going scaly… But I’m really tired! I am already drifting off – this can wait! Surely!… FINE. Getting up. What a bastard.”

So I’ll get up, go about moisturising every last inch of my body, fall back into bed, only to find myself thinking, “Lip balm would be good.” Or, “I’ll probably sleep better with cuticle oil…”

I am genuinely asking you, friends. Am I completely insane? Please share if you are, like me, kept awake at night by the Moisturiser Monster In Your Mind.

Now, I really don’t see myself ending this behaviour anytime soon. Aside from always, ALWAYS remembering* to moisturise from head to toe  before bed (never gonna happen), the only semi-solution I have been able to come up with is to have a selection of products on my bedside table ready for such occasions.

Trilogy Everything Balm is another magical product I absolutely love. As the name suggests, it can be used for just about everything. I use this balm to soften my makeup clients’ lips before lipstick application. I also keep it beside my bed to use as a lip conditioner and cuticle oil at night, and on any particularly dry spots like elbows, ankles and knees. It can also be used for sunburn, split ends, as a massage oil, and it’s great on babies’ skin. Seriously, when it says everything, it means everything.

Other reasons to love Trilogy Everything Balm:

  • The active ingredients are all natural, including organic rose hip oil
  • It is free from synthetic fillers, artificial fragrances, mineral oils and nasty, nasty parabens
  • Trilogy is from the ‘hood – the next best thing to Australian-made is New Zealand-made. It’s nice to be neighbourly, right?

A 95ml jar from Adore Beauty will set you back $30.00.

I always have body lotions by the cupboard full. I seem to get all kinds bottles, tubs and jars of potions as presents. When I buy body lotions myself, I tend to gravitate towards anything with the word “butter” in it, because I completely subscribe to the Julia Child belief that butter makes everything better. I know she was talking about food, but I’m taking it one step further and applying this belief to skincare. One I absolutely love is the good old Palmer’s Olive Body Butter. I think I particularly love it because it’s marketed with two kinds of food – olives and butter seem nothing short of a brilliant combination. You can find this gem in most supermarkets, pharmacies and Priceline. Easy peasy!

*When I say “remembering”, I actually mean that my life is so full of distractions, that usually I will have every intention of moisturising, when suddenly I will think to myself, “Oh, I know, I’ll just make the small child’s lunch for tomorrow” or “Oh, I know, I’ll just go and find that magazine article I’ve been wanting to look up for the past two weeks – now is definitely the most opportune moment” or “Hmm… I know I’ve left this bathroom door handle half hanging off for three days now, but while I’m straight out of the shower, still  in a towel, I might just get out the tool kit and fix it.” And so it goes…

Author: Sally T