Inspiration Thursday: D-d-detox!

Inspiration Thursday is back with a vengeance. What can I say, I simply wasn’t feeling overly inspired last week, and while I’m sure I could have rustled something up for you, I’m just not the kind of girl to fake it.

I’m totally making up for it this week, though. Have I got some inspiration for you!

I came across a post about the Urban Remedy Cleanse via fellow beauty blogger, Gritty Pretty.  So I decided to give it a go. Last week I ordered my 3-Day Cleanse online and, like magic (with a little help from Mr. Credit Card), my 18 juices arrived on my doorstep via courier this morning!

Urban Remedy Cleanse is based in Sydney, and is the brainchild of yoga instructor, nutritional and lifestyle coach, Emma, and certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Taryn. The detox program they have developed is designed to cleanse your insides good and proper, while still providing your body with the nutrients it needs.

Today I received a package full of 18 fresh juices, which I am to consume over the next three days. That’s six juices a day, and they are all numbered for the order in which I am to drink. Aside from the juices, I will be eating…. nada. Not so much as a grape! Am I frightened? Well, just a little. But then again, I know how full I can feel after a liquids, having more often than not “eaten” a liquid breakfast of either a protein shake or fruit smoothie for the past three years. So, at this stage, before I’ve even started my first juice, I’m feeling confident.

Whether or not my confidence wanes over the next few days or not, only time will tell. As will Twitter, for I will be live tweeting my cleanse for your information and entertainment! Follow me for all the details – @SallyMakeup. I’ll also be blogging again tomorrow and the next day with full reports on the days gone by.

Things I  am hoping to achieve with this cleanse:

  • Glowing skin is at the top of my list, because I’m a firm believer in holistic skincare. It’s not just what you put on your skin, but what you put in your body
  • Curb my sugar cravings. I’m not a big alcohol or coffee drinker, but I do like sweets!
  • A general sense of health and well-being – who doesn’t want to feel great?
  • And finally – if I shed a kg or two, that would be a lovely side effect to the cleanse

In theory, this should all be a piece of cake with the Urban Remedy Cleanse, as it is designed to flush out any toxins, damaged tissues, dead cells and fatty desposits while my digestive system takes a break from all that pesky… digesting it has to do all the time. Enough with the digesting already! I’m going to think of it as my digestive system taking stress leave.

Wish me luck, lovely readers, as I head off to tuck into my very first juice, consisting of spinach, banana, cos lettuce, lime, apple and spirulina (mmm… yummy…[not at all sarcastic…]). And please share your own detox stories – I’ll take warnings, encouragement – whatever you’ve got!

Author: Sally T