I heart SPRING!

Forever and ever I have leapt with joy at the onset of spring. Spring = Happiness. It’s a Universal Truth.

When I was in grade three, I wrote a little story about why I love spring. Reasons included animals being born, the flowers growing tall and blooming and that my birthday is in spring (November 23, yes I accept gifts from strangers). All valid reasons. But here’s are some of the things I love about spring in 2010. Things of the fashion/beauty trend variety:

Pastel polish!

It’s the most simple, fast and inexpensive way to update your look for spring. The pretty pastels and bright colours are a lot of fun, too.

I’m a fan of OPI nail lacquer. Last month I rocked Do You Lilac It?, which is, quite obviously, a lovely lilac colour. I am currently sporting Modern Girl, a true coral. On the OPI website there is a sweet tool for “trying on” all of the different shades. You can change the hand on the screen to match your nail length and your skin tone. Pretty handy! OPI nail lacquer can be found online, but it’s just as easy to pop into your local Rainbow Nails and pick up a bottle in your fave shade for $15.00.

Mecca Cosmetica have released their – let me see if I can get this right – New Painted Beauty Glide On Nail Colour Spring Collection. What a mouthful! Don’t worry about the official name, just scoot into one of their stores and nab one of these beauties for $22.00, or online here.

Bright eyes!

I LURVE the MAC Dare to Wear range. My fave is a periwinkle blue, aptly named Winkle – lookee!

Author: Sally T