FUN for Friday! July 15


Loving braids at the moment. It is such a versatile look, you can wear it out Friday night, shopping on Saturday, and to church or Sunday brunch as well. You can be as creative as you like, and if you’re not that good at it to start, practice makes perfect and it will keep you out of trouble! The good news is, it’s not about perfection in braiding these days, if it’s loose and half falling out, it matters not. Here are some images for inspiration:

Images: We Heart It


Following on from my Kate Middleton mini-obsession, here is a link to a brilliant look book of her fashion during hers and Prince William’s recent tour of Canada:

Kate Middleton Royal tour of Canada Lookbook on

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@JKCouture – Brisbane-based bridal and formal couture

@KMatik – Julian Beattie, amazeballs wedding photographer on the Sunshine Coast and beyond

@SurfStitch – Really cool online fashion and surf store

@thecircle_ten – I just really love The Circle girls! Working at home does this to you.

@LizaKearns – Brand spanking mummy blogger to watch!

@DomesticSluts – UK-based lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do (my sister writes for them sometimes.)


At the start of the year, I began making our own bread, because I hate the thought of the sugar and preservatives in packet loaves. This is a brill recipe I found online for the breadmaker, so if you have one and you’re inclined to use it, give this one a go. Also, I throw in some Chia seeds for a bit of extra nutrition.

Sugar-Free Wholemeal Bread

That’s all I have time for just now. Very soon I have some clients arriving to have special occasion makeup. It is for a 1920’s Casino Royale Gala event at the Crowne Plaza in Caloundra, raising funds for the Conquer Cancer ride. I can’t wait to get them all glamoured up with lashes and bold lippie! Enjoy your weekend!

Author: Sally T