Dear Sally… waterproof mascara & makeup courses

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Hi Sally,
Loving your blog. Just wondered, as you are a beach girl and live in a humid climate
if you could recommend a good waterproof mascara? Ones I have tried before either flake
or make your lashes feel like sticks.
Help a sister out!
Hugs, MissLA80

MissLA80, you’ve come to the right place. And I have GREAT news for you. The absolute best waterproof mascara on the planet is available at your local pharmacy or department store and is cheap as chips! Maybelline Great Lash mascara is used by professional makeup artists all the time, because it is great for building up great thick lashes without clumping or feeling stiff and icky. It’s an oldie, but a goodie – no contest.

Hi Sally,
Can you recommend a brisbane based SPFX make up course for someone who was primarily
interested in just that type of genre.

Hi Megan,

I studied at The Academy of Makeup in Brisbane, where they offer a full Diploma course. It’s a six-month course, where you learn absolutely everything to do with makeup artistry. All of the tricks and techniques I learnt have proved very valuable in all areas of makeup artistry. I highly recommend it if you happen to have six months and a boat load of cash to spare. They also have campuses in Sydney and Melbourne.

It’s not easy finding a course for SPFX only, but I did a little digging for you and found Mish Mash Makeup in Brisbane. Michelle Hargreaves of Mish Mash runs short courses in SPFX tailored to what you want to learn in the timeframe you have to work with. How great is that!

There are more makeup course opportunities on the Gold Coast, so if you’re happy to do a bit of travelling, they are well worth it. Check out The Frampton Institute of Cinemagraphic Makeup and The Australian Institute of Makeup & Styling.

Megan, I hope you find the course that’s right for you. I’d love to hear all about it when you’re off to makeup school!

Here are some of my fave SPFX creations of my own for inspiration in the meantime:

Painstakingly glued on individual hairs, but the result was worth it. Stephanie makes a super pretty kitty, don't you think?

My Zombie creation with liquid latex, creams and fake blood
Fire burnt hand - LOVED learning the gory stuff!
I know it looks disgusting, but the "pus" is actually just some Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment that I yellowed up with a bit of grease paint - so fun!

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Author: Sally T