Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I worked on a television commercial for Luv the Doo, the place you go for the coolest hair cuts and colours, to look at some sweet decor and chill out with cool chicks. Here are some pics from the day. Six lovely ladies, one hunk o’ spunk fella. Big day! Please excuse my dodgy photography. I only had the little Olympus with me.



Claire - one of the beautiful and brilliant hairdressers

Brooke, the owner of the salon

My brief for the day from Brooke, “No pink, and make me look like a dirty junkie.” I added, “But pretty…” in my mind, and went ahead with the job.

Emily, the pretty young thang

This incredible lady recently went through chemo as part of her cancer treatment. She lost all of her hair, so now she’s back in business hair-wise, she is living it up with a daring ‘do. The look is great on her, and suits her fun personality.


I only lightly airbrushed Daniel to even out his complexion, but I thought some of you girls might enjoy the pic anyway. Bit of eye candy.

Author: Sally T