What kind of products do you use?

I use a variety of hi-definition products, designed for long-lasting wear and perfect photo finish. I also now exclusively purchase cruelty-free brands. The key brands I use to achieve flawless skin are Harlotte Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Elementwo for airbrush, and Issada Cosmetics or Erin Biggs for a mineral makeup option. Other brands I love to use in my kit are Too Faced, Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Geek, Skindinavia, and Josie Moran. I also use professional makeup artist brands, such as RCMA, Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, Kryolan, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and more. I am always discovering new products and brands and adding fresh new products and loads of variety to my kit. I even wrote a blog post about how I choose what goes in my kit.

What’s the difference between airbrush and regular brush application makeup?

There are two main differences – firstly, the way in which the product is applied. Regular brush application, as you may have guessed, is done using brushes and beauty blenders. Airbrush is applied in a super fine mist using an airbrush compressor.

Both kinds of makeup are long-lasting and hi-definition, meaning they photograph beautifully. Airbrush has the added benefit of being waterproof, which is fantastic for those who tend to get emotional, or those who can get shiny in our humid climate.

Airbrush can achieve the most lightweight, minimal coverage possible, but it can also be built up to full coverage. All of the regular brush-applied foundation I have are hi-definition and medium to full coverage.

Should I have a trial?

If logistically possible, I always recommend booking in for a trial. This gives us an opportunity to meet, discuss the logistics of your wedding day as well as all of your makeup preferences. From there we get to practice and fine-tune your makeup design for your wedding day or special occasion. If for any reason you cannot make a trial appointment, such as being based overseas or interstate, it is not a problem. I am confident we can come up with your perfect look on the day, as we have done with many clients before.

Please note: Whoever performs your trial will be your makeup artist on your booking date.

What should I bring to my trial?

A clean moisturised face, any makeup inspiration you have collected, a picture of your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses if possible, and anything else you would like to show your makeup artist in relation to your wedding fashion and styling! This will help us to get a good idea of the look of your wedding, so we can come up with an appropriate bridal makeup look.

I never wear makeup. How should I research for inspiration?

Firstly, you can check out my Facebook page, Instagram and portfolio to see some of the looks I have done before with other clients. Secondly if you are searching Google or Pinterest for images for inspiration to get your head around what kind of look you might like, try looking at people who are similar in skin tone and hair colour to you. It’s much easier to make a peaches and cream blonde look like Amanda Seyfried than Eva Longoria!

How many faces can you do on the day?

As many as you like! Upon discussing the number of people you have getting makeup done and the timeframe we have to do it in, I will determine whether or not I will need to bring along additional makeup artists from my team to get the job done on time.

If a friend or relative decides to get their makeup done on the day, can you accommodate?

Generally yes, I can fit one or two more faces in, however it’s ideal if you can get definitive bookings from everyone prior to the day. If I have another booking I need to get to or we haven’t allowed the timeframe to fit in another, I may have to say no, and I hate to disappoint anybody.

Do you need to cake on the makeup for it to look good in photos?

Absolutely not. While you may want to have a slightly heavier coverage than you would for your everyday wear, simply for longevity, it is not necessary cake it on. I will discuss your preferences with you and make choices in my products and product application based on this.

Can you do makeup on my flower girls?

Yes. I always aim to do a very tasteful and age-appropriate makeup look for little girls. If the girls are very young, I would usually put on a little lipgloss and maybe a soft pink cheek colour, and some pale eye shimmer. If the girls are 11+, we can do something more, yet still minimal and appropriate for their age.

Can you cover my tattoo?

Yes, but you need to discuss this with me well in advance, as specific products will be required that I will bring along especially for this purpose. It’s also advisable to do this at your trial so we can see how well we can achieve the disguise. The success of the complete cover up will depend on the location and colouring of the tattoo.

Do you do makeup on men?

Yes, if it is required or desired. I have done very subtle makeup on men, who simply want to even out their skin tone or cover any blemishes. I will also do full makeovers on men, who are wanting to experiment with a feminine look. I understand this is an emotional experience and I am happy to help in any way I can without judgement.


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