Sally Townsend Makeup Artist

about Sally T.

Nine years ago, I left my job as editor of an internationally distributed magazine to become a wedding makeup artist. Crazy, right? Some people sure thought so, but I knew this was only the first step on my path to the exact point I'm at right now. Today I run a team of mobile makeup artists on the Sunshine Coast, fulfilling the makeup artistry dreams of hundreds and hundreds of brides.


I didn't stray too far from my roots, either. See, while I was working with so many brides in my first year of being a makeup artist, I was struck with a Big Idea. That little twinkle in my eye is today the very best and most popular resource for couples planning their Sunshine Coast wedding. I have produced to date 27 editions of The Bride's Tree online magazine, and written literally thousands of articles on wedding planning. Best of all, this Big Idea was life-changing for me and my family. Having taken a $6k investment and turned it into a six-figure business has to make a big impact, right? That's why I'm now teaching others how to take their big ideas and workshop them into something that could actually help them design a whole new lifestyle, just like the one they dream of.


I have made a personal dedication to not purchase another single product from a company, which tests on animals. Happily, this means I can still use many fantastic professional high-quality products on the market without contributing to the barbaric and unnecessarily cruel practice of testing on animals.




I studied makeup artistry at The Academy of Makeup, Australia’s leading makeup artistry college. I came away with a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services. This means there is little I am not trained to do, makeup-wise. I can make you look like Audrey Hepburn, I can make you look like you’ve been hit by a car or like a leopard, or The Joker. I can make you look like you’re getting married, which could be very useful if you are in fact getting married.


Working alongside talented makeup artists has become a most-loved part of my job as I have now formed a sweet little team.Sunshine Coast-based mobile makeup artists, fulfilling all your makeup dreams. Our professional approach to ensuring you feel beautiful, flawless and achieve the desired look is our biggest asset. We personalise your experience to ensure you are your most confident self walking out the door to your wedding or special event.

To see some of our recent work, visit our portfolio, and for further inspiration, take a peek at our look book, created just for you to help you plan your makeup look.

Sally Townsend


I am now offering limited workshops throughout the year, as well as one-on-one training for people wanting to get started in their own business, and those currently in business with a new project in mind. As someone who has created from scratch two successful magazines, three blogs, and two businesses, it's safe to say coming up with ideas and getting them off the ground is definitely my jam. There is nothing I love more than planning new and exciting projects within an inch of their lives and I've gotten really darn good at it, if I do say so myself!