Sally Townsend Makeup Artist

about Sally T.

Sunshine Coast-based mobile makeup artists, fulfilling all your makeup dreams. Our professional approach to ensuring you feel beautiful, flawless and achieve the desired look is our biggest asset. We personalise your experience to ensure you are your most confident self walking out the door to your wedding or special event.

To see some of our recent work, visit our portfolio, and for further inspiration, take a peek at our look book, created just for you to help you plan your makeup look.



When I have asked my past clients what they enjoyed about my services, the most frequent comment I hear is that I have a knack for making the people around me feel calm and comfortable. If I’m honest, this special talent is as important to my profession as the makeup artistry skills I’ve honed throughout my seven-year career in makeup.

As you can imagine, the heightened emotions and last-minute stresses that tend to creep into your wedding day – or any special occasion, really – can be fueled or diminished by the company you keep. I guess my past life working in event planning and public relations have taught me to be cool, calm and collected in any situation. Plus, I keep some pretty cool Spotify playlists on my phone at all times, which can be pretty darn useful.


I’ve recently become aware of the fact that some cosmetic companies still perform barbaric and unnecessary animal testing on their products. Previously I had been living in ignorant bliss that this was a thing of the past! Unfortunately not so, so I have made a personal dedication to not purchase another single product from a company, which tests on animals. Happily, this means I can still use many fantastic professional high-quality products on the market.



Working alongside talented makeup artists has become a most-loved part of my job as I have now formed a sweet little team. I pride myself on being a consummate professional, and expect nothing less from my team. You can be rest assured that on your wedding day or the day of your special event, you can relax knowing you’re well taken care of by your makeup artist. Since I have little tolerance for the insincere, I employ only friendly, genuine, passionate artists with skills and temperament to match my own. I love all my gals, and I know you will, too. Whether you’re a makeup guru from way back or a newbie to the world of foundations, primers and illuminators, we look forward to working with you and fulfilling all your makeup dreams.



I studied makeup artistry at The Academy of Makeup, Australia’s leading makeup artistry college. I came away with a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services. This means there is little I am not trained to do, makeup-wise. I can make you look like Audrey Hepburn, I can make you look like you’ve been hit by a car or like a leopard, or The Joker. I can make you look like you’re getting married, which could be very useful if you are in fact getting married.

When I’m not making up faces, I’m making up words and sourcing images and information all about weddings as creator and editor of The Bride’s Tree. I also get to come up with creative inspiration shoots and coordinate the most dreamy of dream teams to bring my visions to life. So staying on-the-pulse of the wedding world is something I do on the daily.

I also happen to have the cheeky little habit of watching YouTube makeup videos and stalking makeup artist blogs, because keeping up-to-date with makeup trends and latest product releases is super important to me. However, I must say, perfecting classic looks is a love that will never die for me.