My name is Sally, and I’m an addict. My substance of choice? Cosmetics. I’m a freelance makeup artist, and writer. So go on, enable me in my addiction – read my blog and spend some time with my portfolio. Get acquainted.


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Straight to the Heart

This little babe has shot an arrow straight through the heart of oh so many people. None more than his beautiful Mum, Hayley, of Wholehearted Studio fame, who aptly named her little heart-stealer, Archer.

Emma Nayler and I got to welcome Archer to the world in a beautiful way – with me hussying up the new mum, and Emma taking some location shots here on the Sunshine Coast.

For the knowing mothers, and those of you about to embark on motherhood, I am sure you are wondering how a mum of a newborn managed to look so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and I can let you in on a wee secret. Hayley had a little catnap while I was doing her makeup right before the shoot, that’s how!

Pretty with pinks and a focus on the eyes was the makeup brief for this pretty lady, and her perfectly cut bob was easy to style

Archer's lovely and talented Grandma handmade his outfit for the shoot. Isn't it just darling!

It's clear to see these two are made for one another

As a stylist, Hayley effortlessly concepted the look for the shoot. Loving the fresh flower hair piece like you wouldn't believe

There is nothing quite like the love shared between a mother and son. I'm so very excited for you to start on this amazing journey of motherhood, my beautiful friend






Get Mineraled

So… recently I was asked to be an eyebrow model. I kid you not, it was a real thing! There’s a film and everything, which will be played in all the Get Threaded franchises throughout Australia. Yes, this does make me nervous, if you were wondering!

I do love and adore Get Threaded with all my little heart, though, and I was more than a little bit chuffed to be asked to model and do the makeup for the film and photo shoot. The fabulous founder, Liz See,  is based here on the Sunshine Coast, which is simply grand for me and my forehead caterpillars. Liz is not only a threading genius, but she has created some fantastic mineral products, just for making boring old brows into browsers!

The products I am demonstrating application of in this film are Get Mineraled 00 Brow Dust, Brow Gel and Brow Illuminator, all of which reside in my professional makeup kit, but are usually the first products out when I arrive at a job, because it’s a given they will come into play! The brow dust is the perfect colour and works with both dark brows like mine and for lighter brows as well.

I don’t stop at illuminating the brows with the Brow Illuminator, oh no, I sweep that baby across the tops of cheekbones, around the inner corner of the eyes and even apply just a touch on the bow of lips to create a more plump look.

There was a great team, who worked on this shoot. The before and after photos are by Emma Nayler Photographer, and the film is by Ben from Innovate Media.

Before threading and Get Mineraled application, and after. I did my own makeup for the shoot, and that of the other models. We went for a very natural look to allow the brows to take centre stage. I can't believe what a difference a bit of brow attention really makes!


Married at the Station

Carly married her Anthony at Yandina Station with a purple smokey eye. And I adored her for that! It was a lot of fun to do makeup that was quite non-bridal for a bride.

Love this Sunshine Coast hinterland wedding venue, and the images by Alison Beal Lifestyle Photography.